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Title: Heart Pusher Love User
Pairing/Category Pete/Patrick,
Word count: ~ 4900
Rating: NC17
Warnings: pimp!patrick, broken whore!pete, implied spanking, dressing up, roleplay, bruising, whorefic

Summary: You do anything long enough to escape the habit of living until the escape becomes the habit. (David Ryan)

Many thanks to siubhlach for beta'ing this. Any remaining errors are all mine. In addition, thanks as always to kat_lair for her cheer-leading, the title and the quote above.

It was only later, when Pete turned around and really looked at things, at what his life had become that he had realised Patrick was no longer his friend or lover; but instead his supplier, his pimp and his keeper.
Better late than never, right? Um.

Title: Cinderella, she seems so easy
Author: Mistress Kat /kat_lair 
Prompt/kink: Cross-dressing
Pairing/Category: Gerard/Mikey, some others implied, “ordinary people” AU
Rating: NC-17
Word count: ~ 9600
Warnings/enticements: ohgodohgodohgod. Uh, so the pairing should tell you this but… here be real person incest. Also cross-dressing. And D/s themes.*listens to the angels weep*
Disclaimer: Not true. In so many ways is this not true.
Summary: The first time is a complete accident. Then again, a lot of good things in Mikey’s life have begun that way – accidentally – so who’s he to knock it.

Author notes: So there’s this manip. There is, however, no salvation for me. *resigned sigh* This is largelypushkin666’s fault. She encourages all my depraved ideas without conscience, remorse or any compassion for the audience I’m about to inflict this fic on. My kind of girl, really. The story was finished, albeit very, very late, as a part of the awesomesosodirty challenge. Stellar betas bytrialia (Tequila! Making lesbians enjoy waycest since 2008!) andbloodrebel333, thank you so much ladies. Title comes from Desolation Row by Bob Dylan/MCR (why yes, I am quite this lame).

Cinderella, she seems so easy

Title: The way you make me feel (it knocks me off my feet)
Author: siubhlach
Pairing: Panic GSF (past Ryan/Spencer/Brendon and past Jon/Tom)
Prompt: Group sex
Rating: NC-17
Wordcount: 8,972
Warnings: Graphic boy-sexing, d/s, use of toys, mild spanking, mild breathplay, orgasm denial, facials, bondage, collaring, Ryan's filthy mouth.
Disclaimer: Not mine and not true. Don't google yourself
Summary: Jon didn't always have this, didn't always have them. He's not sure how he didn't realise something was missing.
Beta: mockturtletale,who did a fabulous job. Thank you, sweetie. I, of course, played with it after she'd finished so remaining mistakes are mine, mine, all mine (mwahahaha)

This is my so, so late entry (one of them anyway) for the sosodirty challenge. I fail at deadlines.

The way you make me feel (it knocks me off my feet)
Title : Another Way To Your Heart.
Pairing : Brendon/Marshall.
Rating : NC-17.
Prompt/Kink : Biting.
Word count : 2,000.
Notes : For choclitbunny. Thanks to x_wearebroken for the beta. Sorry I suck at deadlines.
Title: never stood on my own two feet
Author: notfarfromhome
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Panic GSF
Summary: Jon Walker has a foot fetish! Porn ensues.
Prompt/Kink: feet
Notes: Huge huge thanks to gypsycaravan and boweryd for beta'ing this for me and poking me until I actually got it done. ♥
4,700 words.
Title: planes mistaken for stars
Author: buildyourwalls
Pairing: Brendon/Shane
Rating: NC-17
Prompt: sosodirty's erotic photography
Word Count: ~16,100 words
Summary: It's easy to smile because being around Brendon makes it easy. He makes everything dissolve away like a sugar cube in water, and Shane wishes sometimes that he could stop letting it be that simple.
Notes: The title is shamelessly borrowed from one of Shane's movies. Thanks to the following for the fantastic beta and wonderful help: softlyforgotten, gypsycaravan and carnillia. Also thanks to falling_words, slashxmistress, kyasuriin and zarah5 for being great help and reading various stages of this story. And ♥ to samedifference_ for helping me flesh this out and being overall amazing. Additional apologies for taking so long to get this up on the community.


the end.

Well, that's it, folks! We've come to the "official" end of We're So Dirty Babe: the Bandom Kink Fic & Art Challenge. All of the submissions have been posted to the community, including those that were late. We ended up with 31 kinky stories and 4 pieces of kinky art--which is pretty amazing.

As I've said before, if you're out there still working on your submission, please do share it with the sosodirty community when you finish!

Thanks so much for participating! It was a blast.

Studio Time

Studio Time
Author: shadow_hive
Pairing: Matt Tuck/Eicca Toppinen
Rating: NC-17
POV: Matt
Prompt: Fisting
Warnings: Fisting, obviously
Sumamry: Ever since he saw him Matt's thought he was pretty.
Notes: Set when they were working on Bullet's first album.
Read more...Collapse )
Title: Doctor, I can't thank you enough
Pairing: Pete/Patrick
Summary: Dr. Patrick Stump. Hmmm. Not bad. Kind of hot, if Pete let his imagination go wild, and it was pretty much an established fact that his imagination was a veritable jungle.

NC-17 | ~2,400 words | kink: medical scenes
Betas: Many thanks to naotalba & okubyo_kitsune.
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction; I do not own any recognizable characters and no money is being earned from this.

fic: Stay Captive: Wait For Love

title: Stay Captive:Wait For Love
author: Trish slashxmistress
pairing: Brendon/Ryan/Spencer
rating: NC-17
length: 5000+ wds
summary Spencer knows Ryan's deepest desire and Brendon's deepest fear. And he's going to do something about both of them.
notes betaed by jwalkontherocks TYSM Stacey, you are a Goddess ♥ title and cut text belong to Still Remains

I have no idea exactly what's going on with the boys' living situation these days :P But for this fic we are going to assume that Brendon still lives with Shane, and Ryan and Spencer live together, not too close, but not too far away. Call it near-future fic, call it AU, I don't care - just go with it :D It's all fiction anyway!

Until Someone Moves Or Cares